Centric Parts- From Lab to Lift

• Centric is a foundational thought leader in replacement brake system technology.
• Centric has been the fastest-growing, full line manufacturer and distributor of replacement brake components in North America over the last decade.
• First-to-market with new products covering nearly every light and medium-duty vehicle on the road today and a portfolio of brands spanning the complete value spectrum.
• Centric’s award-winning product catalog includes over 100,000 SKUs sold under a number of channel specific brands and on a private label basis

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Centric's Friction Development Lab allows Centric to rapidly produce custom friction blends and immediately test them in our own in house Brake Dynamometers.

Centric Posi Quiet Loaded Caliper -
These remanufactured loaded calipers feature application specific Posi Quiet brake pads already installed. Posi Quiet calipers feature a Zinc Dichromate finish, or O.E. colored powder coating depending on the application.

Centric's Posi Quiet brake line features 3 unique formulas, all of which include shims and hardware. 104- Semi-Metallic 105- Ceramic 106- Extended Wear