Delphi Technologies is a brand of BorgWarner, Inc

We help aftermarket customers to be a step ahead in servicing and maintaining sophisticated vehicle systems with leading service solutions while serving both the OES and Independent Aftermarket channels.

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Why choose Delphi Technologies for fuel pumps and modules? Technological leadership from an OE supplier: When it comes to building fuel modules, Delphi Technologies applies its OE heritage and technological leadership to deliver the highest level of performance and customer satisfaction. As a market leader in North America, we hold over 30 OE proprietary innovations and 150 patents in fuel module and fuel pump design. High standards for premium OE quality: Delphi Technologies engineers each fuel module with the same stringent standards we apply to the parts we make for Chrysler, Ford, GM, and other OEMs. New innovations: We combined our OE expertise with a passion for innovation to drive us to make a great product even better. Our latest aftermarket fuel pump features anodized aluminum pump components that outlast other commonly used materials, an over-molded armature to protect pump windings against corrosion, and a new carbon commutator that is up to twice as durable as copper in aftermarket applications. 98% coverage: We carry fuel pumps, modules, and hanger/sender assemblies for more than 98% of vehicles in North America.

Why choose Delphi Technologies for ignition coils? OE expertise for optimized performance: Help ensure fast starts, consistent engine performance and optimized fuel efficiency with Delphi Technologies ignition coils. Delphi Technologies makes more than 10 million ignition coils for North America each year, and each one is engineered to OE design specifications for vehicles from Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, GM, Mazda, Subaru, Acura and more. High quality materials for a long lasting part: Delphi Technologies has analyzed the tough environment that ignition coils must withstand and discovered how vibration, temperature changes and even the failure of other components, such as spark plugs, can cause them to fail. Specifically, these stresses can cause the wiring to break or have shorts. The insulation inside them could also fail and cause energy to escape. Delphi Technologies is combating these issues with innovative design and high-quality materials.

Delphi Technologies Clean The Tank Kit • Specifically designed to easily treat and rinse up to a 40 gallon capacity fuel tank. • Removes microbial growth in the tank. • Breaks down varnish and gel from ethanol. • Minimizes sludge and other fuel contaminants. • Can extend the life of the new fuel sending unit by removing debris that may cause it harm.