Monroe offers shocks, struts, and strut assemblies for more than 167 million domestic and 123 million import vehicles in the U.S. and Canada and 1 billion vehicles around the world. Whether you are servicing a vehicle to improve performance and drivability, hooking-up your customer with an upgrade to handle light hauling and towing, keeping them in it for the high mileage long haul or simply helping someone get a few more miles to get from point A to point B – Monroe Makes It.

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Most Preferred Brand Monroe offers industry-leading, application engineered products. With products locally designed & tested to strict performance and durability standards specific to each vehicle ride & handling profile, everything we put into our products is with you in mind, for easy installation and reduced customer comebacks. Monroe has been recognized as the most preferred shocks and struts brand among technicians for two consecutive years (2019 & 2020)* * 2020 IMR Study – United States

Engineered and tested in Monroe, MI to strict structural integrity & performance standards including: - Bi-frequency & fatigue tested for durability - Environmental chamber, climate tested for consistent performance in extreme temperatures - Tested in Anechoic chamber to meet OE noise standards - Exclusive cyclical salt spray corrosion tested - 100% Fit-checked and ride tested

Full Portfolio of Ride Control Solutions Monroe offers industry-leading, application-engineered designs specific to each drivability and performance profile: high utilization/fleet, restoring your ride, extending the ride, carrying the load, and the long haul. Each solution is tested to strict performance and durability standards & designed for easy installation to reduce customer comebacks.