Advanced Thermal & Engine Management

MotoRad develops, manufactures and supplies innovative thermostat solutions, cap solutions and engine management solutions for the automotive OEM and Aftermarket industries. The MotoRad name is synonymous with quality and reliability, comprehensive coverage of vehicle models, and exceptional customer service.

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INTEGRATED HOUSING THERMOSTATS MotoRad integrated housing thermostats differ from traditional thermostats. They offer an all-in-one, bolt-on solution with the thermostat and housing integrated into one unit. This is a growing segment of thermostats with a large number of vehicles entering the replacement window.

TETHERED FUEL CAP You no longer need to go to the dealer to replace your old, worn out or broken tethered fuel cap. Perfect, affordable option as a direct replacement to your OE tethered cap, ready to install quickly and easily. Manufactured with high quality materials for long lasting durability.

COOLANT HOUSINGS MotoRad’s complete line offering of Coolant Housings is the newest addition to our category-leading full-line coverage of advanced thermal management solutions. MotoRad offers 529 coolant housings (or water outlets/inlets), as well as 28 thermostat assemblies.