Opteon™ YF (R-1234yf)

When you choose Opteon™ YF (R-1234yf) for vehicle service, you’re choosing more than a refrigerant. You’re choosing a product made in the USA, produced to the highest quality and environmental standards, and backed by superior customer service, training, and technical support. As the inventor of Freon™, we’ve driven AC innovation for nearly a century. We’re carrying on that tradition with Opteon™ YF (R-1234yf), today’s preferred solution for sustainable automotive cooling.

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Beginning in 2013, car manufacturers started to use a new refrigerant R-1234yf in the A/C systems of vehicles. Today, approximately 90% of new cars contain R-1234yf as their factory fill refrigerant.

The aftermarket need will continue to grow for A/C maintenance and repair as the US fleet transitions to R-1234yf.

Opteon(tm) YF (R-1234yf) is available in 12 oz. cans and 10 lb. & 25 lb. disposable cylinders. Learn more in the attached Frequently Asked Question documents.