TRW - The Smooth Ride

TRW parts offer easy installation and the right fit the first time - aiding to the restoration of a vehicle's optimal performance. Every chassis part we produce aims to meet vehicle manufacturer quality standards. Our OE experience and technical know-how enables us to design, develop, and manufacture aftermarket parts which work in harmony with each other, and within the system.

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‘SEALED FOR LIFE’ VS ‘GREASABLE’ JOINTS Some competitors offer ball joints to which grease can be added. This will work well only if the joint is consistently and routinely greased. But even then, once a path has been created for the grease to egress, a path has also been created for the ingress of elements such as water, road salt and grit; which cause contamination leading to premature wear.

LOW FRICTION TECHNOLOGY TRW’s state-of-the-art tie rod and ball joint program includes the latest, high performance designs. Housing - The outer housing is manufactured using forged or cold formed steel for additional strength and reliability under the harshest of conditions. Stud - The full ball metal stud is highly polished and encapsulated within a high strength polymer bearing for smooth articulation. This low-friction allows for free range of motion and provides smooth steering and suspension which restores the vehicle to original operating performance. The ball pin is either stainless steel or geo-met or similar coated for corrosion-free performance. Polymer Bearing - Unlike competitors who use metal, we utilize a high strength and resilient, low-friction glass fiber reinforced polymer bearing. This enhances road shock damping and provides smooth movement. Our bearings are made from either standard polymer (poloximethylene) known as the POM design, or high temperature polymer (polyetheretherketone), known as the PEEK design. The strength of the polymer bearing can absorb the toughest road shocks and retract back to the original shape without loss of steering or suspension feel.

TESTED AND TRUSTED TRW a brand of ZF Aftermarket sets the standard within the Aftermarket, with a testing program that goes beyond the ordinary to ensure every chassis part produced is in line with the Original Equipment (OE) specification. We utilize on the road tests and the most advanced test machines, so you can be sure that TRW parts are tested for your safety and longevity.